Saturday, March 8, 2014

Racing for Rett

In the span of 8 days, we've been a part of two virtual races for Rett syndrome, both supporting Team Rett for the Boston Marathon. 

The first race, Outrun Rett, was a 5k held on March 1st or 2nd that people all across the country participated in, including some of our good friends. A simple thanks just isn't enough Michelle, Tara (and Layla), Candace and Krista. But hopefully you already know how much we love you. (And Michelle, I have to admit I might have said a few swears in my head when I was running on my treadmill for fear of frostbite and you were running in sunny California. Forgive me.)

The second race just Ryan and I participated in. It was a 5k held on March 8, but I ran 18 miles instead. I just couldn't resist? We'll say it was the first 3.1 miles of my 18 total as those were definitely the best. That was a loooooong run. But it was outside so I will refrain from further complaints. 

We love the idea of bringing people together for a good cause with a virtual race. Thinking about putting one together for Leah this fall - anyone interested!?!?

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