Sunday, February 22, 2015

Eight is Great

Eight years ago, this little one surprised us with her arrival a few weeks early. In the eight years since, she has continued to surprise us...and teach us...and humble us...and stretch us...and make our whole world simultaneously crumble to pieces and burst with joy. She is happiness and strength and courage and perseverance and love personified. Happiest of eighth birthdays to our little Leah-licious. 

Kate and I surprised her for lunch at school on Friday. We brought Wendy's (including TWO hamburgers for Leah, which she devoured in no time).  

She was spoiled with presents, but I think her favorites were her horse socks and the card from the Oakes family with 8 things they love about her. 

She loved her 8 cake - and blew out the candles all on her own. There are positives to her heavy breathing, I guess!?! We celebrated with cake and ice cream with our Iowa favorite - the Oakes family!

And one of my favorite things is on their birthdays, kids at Leah's school can pick a book to donate to the school library. Then, once it's all barcoded and in the system, the birthday girl or boy gets to be the very first person to check it out and they get their name in the front. Leah's was a perfect fit and it made us all so happy to read it! 

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