Sunday, February 15, 2015

Virthday? Balentine's day?

Valentine's Day is a big day in our house. And not because it's the day of love. But because it's dad's day! Ryan is the valentine of all three girls in our house AND it happens to be his birthday! 

We did do some different things to celebrate both of them. 

We frosted cookies (Leah obviously used her computer to tell us what color frosting and sprinkles should go on the used-to-be-monthly-but-recently-annual sugar cookies). 

The girls checked their envelopes for a daily surprise leading up to Valentine's Day. 

We had fun creating our own valentines to give to friends at home and church as well as classmates and teachers/helpers at school. 

This dynamic duo teamed up to create a seriously fabulous valentine box - a monster Leah! Leah was the brains, Ryan the brawn. 

The girls I work with at church gave a "heart attack" to Bishop Moose, the ecclesiastical leader of our congregation. 

Leah had a class party - that Kate was more than happy to attend. 

For Ryan's birthday, we started the day out with my first-ever attempt at eggs Benedict. It was deliciously successful, albeit time consuming. 

We gifted Ryan with a few small items - Kate was happy to open them all. 

The girls also gifted him with naps: the best gift of all. 

We made him his favorite pink cake...and then helped him eat it. 

 And then Ryan and I went out for a hot night on the town - to Village Inn - because when you only have a babysitter for 3 hours and the waits at every restaurant are 3+, you keep it classy.  

Happy 34th birthday and happy Valentine's day to our main squeeze!

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