Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hike to the waterfall

So, for years i've been hearing about this amazing waterfall at my cabin. It's quite the hike and, in the many years i've been going, i have never made the trek up there. So, this year, when my cousin, Beckie, heard i hadn't been up there, she made sure that I would do it this time. We put the babies to sleep and Mike, Beckie, me and Beckie's 5-year-old son, Cole, started off. The hike follows the stream/river from where it hits the lake just by our cabin all the way to the top, so you basicaly just have to hike around the water and follow it all the way up. We were pretty skilled at picking the WRONG sides of the trails both on the way up and back. That, combined with no tread on my tennis shoes resulted in a very wet and bruised maren. Mike was good to lift and pull us out of tough spots and he and beckie seriously carried Cole through a ton of it. i even participated in the rock slide in the freezing cold water. There is a reason lake Merwin isn't the warmest lake in the world...and this waterfall is the reason. It really was pretty, though and even though it took us nearly three hours, i'm glad i went. Thanks beck, mike and coley!

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