Thursday, May 6, 2010

pee-tuh pan

i was hoping it would be all it was hyped up to be.

after all, i gave away my ticket to see the san francisco ballet's romeo and juliet just for this.

and it was worth it.

peter pan. the play. in the round.

seriously. they set up this little tent on the embarcadero in the city. you all sit in a circle around the stage and there is a screen all the way around the tent above you. when the actors fly, it's as if you're flying with them through london...and then on to the second star on the right and straight on 'til morning.peter, wendy, john, michael, mr. darling, hook, the lost boys, smee, tink. all great. ok, tink was a bit strange and ryan didn't like that adults had to play the roles of children. but. overall, i was more than pleased.

the stage was incredible. they way the actors came up and out of the floor through beds, trees, houses and more was amazing! loved nana. and the crocodile.

and my favorite part of the night? when tink was dying, peter had the whole audience whisper, "i believe in fairies." tink woke up when the sweetest little girl {after lots of soft, unsure whispers from all the adults} yelled, at the top of her innocent lungs, "I BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!" it was too perfect.

a great night out with great people.for more info, click here. and if you're in the area. seriously. go see it.

p.s. enjoy the pictures. ryan got in big trouble for snapping that group shot inside the theater. so did whitney.
p.p.s. the teeth are getting straighter, no?


Morgan said...

so fun! i saw peter pan in the round at sacramento's music circus when i was younger. i don't remember much except for people flying through the air. :)

i also have a question for you about your fonts... are those ones that you have made that are on your blog? my sister in law is making baby announcements and i wanted to use a cute font for part of it, do you have some that you could send to me? i don't even know how that works. i think yours are cute though. let me know when you get a sec. thanks!!

Rob and Marseille said...

theater in the round. what a great idea! we have gone to a couple at the hale center theater in roem. it's great!

Cheryl and William said...

Yea!! William and I are going to see it for sure. We missed you but I'm glad that the play was super good :-)

ed and kelli said...

you are beautiful sister. and yes, teeth are getting straighter:)

Porters said...

oh I love peter good. Can't say I've experienced it this way though. Maybe one day. :)