Monday, May 3, 2010

what was YOUR favorite writing assignment


i have to admit, i'm kind of glad april is over.

i felt a lot of pressure to get something out there that wasn't just fluff. something i was proud of. it was hard to write, write, write and not sit back and think about it for a day or two before i posted. there are definitely things i would change looking back, but it was fun and it got my juices flowin'.

so, now i need to know what you liked best of all.

i put a poll on my sidebar, so click up to three choices to let me know what your favorite three writing assignments were. i only included posts that got more than 5 comments and then i narrowed it down myself from there. if one of your three favs didn't make the cut, just click on "other."

as for may...i just got back from a delicious weekend away with two great girlfriends and celebrated the big #7 wedding anniversary yesterday. more on all of that to come...

now go vote!


Uffens Family said...

VOTED! Love reading anything you write!!!!

Claire said...

maren! You did a fantastic job this month. I loved reading your essays;) You are an excellent writer with talent and experience. More that twice I have found myself in tears as I read. You are inspiring. You are wonderful! Keep it up. You are an example to us all. It'll be fun to see you in december!

ed and kelli said...

too many to choose from but there are definitely some that i just rolled around laughing they were so good. and ps, i am a little more connected to the world now because my fantastic husband brought me in his laptop! yay!