Sunday, November 18, 2012

go big green!

In the past two weeks, we've had the chance to go, as a family, to Dartmouth hockey football and basketball games.

Friday, November 2
Dartmouth vs. Yale ice hockey

  • Dartmouth won 7-2, 
  • we got to bundle Katers in her winter best for her first-ever live hockey game, 
  • Keggy the Keg made an appearance, 
  • and after attempting to play ice hockey myself for a season, I actually understood what was going on!!

Friday, November 10
Dartmouth vs. Brown football

  • We got free tickets from our friend Catherine who works in the football department, 
  • we got to watch with tons of friends, 
  • when we left the game in the 4th quarter {because it was FREEZING}, Dartmouth was ahead {but we ended up losing 24-28}. 
  • A first live football game for Leah and Kate!

Tuesday, November 13
Dartmouth vs. BYU COUGAR basketball

  • We got a rare chance to wear our BYU blue {three shades of it, apparently} and cheer on our cougars with lots of other cougar fans! 
  • AND, they {the cougs, of course} won with a near buzzer beater 58-57. Here we go cougars, here we go!

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