Thursday, November 15, 2012

ktg: 6 months

I'm really not sure how half of a year has flown by. Katers is now six months old, which in our house is called "point five." 

It's been a fun and crazy month. She is slowly but surely getting happier and mostly because she is on the go! She can roll every which way, spin in circles, scoot backward and get up and rock on her knees. Our Christmas tree won't even know what hit it. She loves to roller herself up into blankets and get her little body wedged in between pieces of furniture and underneath the couch. She is also starting to sit up and can do it unassisted for a minute or so before she forgets what she's doing and falls to the side. A few times I've found her completely bent in half touching her head to her toes wondering what in the world just happened.

And it's so weird because she's doing all these things and we didn't even have to get her evaluated or go to therapy or anything. She just...does them! Strange feeling.

She is eating solid foods like they're going out of style. She had oatmeal + a veggie every night at dinner this past month and sits up in her high chair like it's no big deal. She grunts and groans the entire time I feed her too. We're now up to two solid meals daily {usually a fruit in the morning and veggie at night} and I still feed her four times during the day, sandwiching the solid feeds. 

Her sleeping sure took a turn for the worse this month, no thanks to Mr. Daylight Savings. Ugh. Any time with a 4 in front is simply too early for anyone to get up and be okay with the world. We've spent a few weeks slowly trying to get her to push it back and we're up to about 6:00am right now. 

We've found a few tickle spots and each time we get this low toned grunt as a result. Her face goes red and she has no idea what to do as she hasn't quite figured out how to belly laugh. It is hilarious, so of course we do it all day long. 

Kate and Leah are pretty much best friends. Every morning Leah runs - seriously, runs - from the base of the stairs into the front room where Kate and I are and plows me over as she climbs onto the couch next to Kate. In the afternoon when Leah gets home from school, she pushes the door open and runs into the living room to find it void of Kate, who is usually sleeping. When I bring Kate down, both girls grin from ear to ear, Kate squeals and Leah kisses Kate. She is constantly trying to sit next to her {or on her} and gives her kisses and smiles and longing looks all day long. And, without saying a word {obviously}, Leah is sure to get a smile out of Kate before anyone else. I love, love, love it. 

Kate's six month checkup was flawless. She is ahead of the pack on all the boxes we got to check. I'm still getting used to that. But, for the record, it's something I'm totally willing to get used to. She got five shots, and wasn't a fan of any of them. One of the shots was the flu vaccination, which I don't think I will ever be repeating as she's been a puffy, crying, throwing up mess ever since she got it. 

Aside from the flu shot aftermath and the early mornings, I simply could not love my squishy Kater Potater more. Happy six months!!
6 month Stats:
Weight: 15 lbs. 10 oz.
Length:26 inches
Head: 43 cm
No. of diapers used: 120, give or take
Diaper size: 2
Clothing size: almost all 6-12
Longest stretch of sleep: somewhere around 12 hours {7:00pm-7:00am, waking once in the night and going right back to sleep}
NEW Nicknames: Kater pie, Kate the turd. 

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Catriona said...

Fantastic photos! My daughter Abby loved looking at the pics of Kate - we both think she's adorable x