Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a beautiful mess

Kids are kind of messy. That's just a fact. But I've come to really appreciate a good mess created by two beautiful working hands. 

For the last few years my friends thought I was crazy when I ushered them out the door before they had a chance to clean up after their own kids who had just made a mess in my front room. A mess of all the toys that Leah couldn't make a mess of herself. It was therapeutic for me to put those toys away. 

I no longer take for granted tiny board books strewn about the front room. I love picking up blocks and buckets and bottles. Tucking baby dolls and stuffed elephants and rattles into the toy bin nestled next to the couch each night. 

I love that my plastic dish drawer is getting good use again. 

I really, truly love that beautiful mess. And I hope I always will.

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Karen Hauley said...

My favorite, of course, are the stacking toys. :)