Thursday, February 14, 2013

love day

This little family has a lot to squeeze in on February 14th, not the least of which is dad's birthday. And so, Valentine's Day often takes a back seat. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about that. But as the girls have grown, it has been more and more fun to celebrate holidays in special little ways. This year, those little ways included:

heart shaped {and strawberry flavored} treats:

neighborhood valentines:

a school party {where miss ribbons passed out kung fu panda valentines, of course} that leah was gracious enough to invite us to:

hand-sewn enveloped for the girls to receive small gifts and notes in throughout the week:

and a heart-attacked door from the cutest little neighbor you ever did see:
{in case you can't read her ridiculously adorable personalized messages, they are: "we love maren," "katers can crawl," "leah is cute," and "ryan is good."}

 i love my little loves. and i love celebrating love with them. 

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Josh and Laura said...

I love your cute v-day felt envelopes! And I also love the "be my mba" cookie from the post below! :)