Thursday, February 14, 2013

thirty two

Thirty two is a good look for Ryan, if the Layton ladies say so themselves. We had a good time celebrating dad after a long day of school for him. Leah and Kate came to the party store with me to pick up balloons, then they both cashed out and left all the decorating to me. 

So, I created a celebration fit for a king. And then I made him wear the crown all night.

We ate salmon, cous cous and artichokes. Yum. We gifted our gifts {he loved the black out BYU helmet I got for him. It's for that one day when he has an office}. 

Leah and Kate worked hard on their scratch off card. 32 things they love about their dear old dad, all uncovered by a magic penny. I will be doing this again at some point. It was fun!

After gifts we all enjoyed some ice cream and pink cake. 

It was a busy day, but well worth it to spend time celebrating the king of the house. We sure do love him. Even if he is getting old. 

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