Monday, April 21, 2014

meanwhile, back in Iowa

Though we were a little disappointed to not be bringing Kate and Leah back to Boston with us this year, we were so excited to have a new group of supporters! Leah went to school with her new 2014 Team Leah Bean shirt (and her medal from last year). We gave an iron on to her classmates and so many of her teachers, therapists, aides and classmates also wore them! 

I just have to smile every time I think about all the positive support Leah has found at this school. From kindergarten students to the principal - and everyone inbetween - they have just been incredible. Even her bus driver wore a shirt!

Leah's teacher and one of her therapists sent me these pictures with a note that said, "Sending you our best wishes. Go Team Leah Bean!" 

I think Leah liked the attention she got on Marathon Monday.

Even one of her para's sisters wore a shirt and sent a picture from Ohio!

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