Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Turkey?? also known as #LPGobbleGobble2014

In the months leading up to (and the weeks following) our trip to Turkey, the most frequent question we got wasn't, "What was your favorite part?" or, "Did you love it?" or, "What was the food like?" or any other similar question that is often asked of an overseas vacation. Instead, the most pressing question on everyone's mind has been, and I quote, "WHY TURKEY?" 

While the timing and specifics of this particular trip with our good friends Catherine and Bryan quite simply fell perfectly into place, I honestly don't have an answer as to exactly how. Beneath an overall love of traveling and exploring new landscapes, people and cultures by all four of us, was a mix of intrigue of a place none of us had been before (and Cat has been lots of places!) and...the right price. 

And after the fact, I can say without hesitation that Turkey is a destination well worth exploring. I highly recommend it. We only just skimmed the surface in our six days. But the landscapes, people and culture were some of my favorites to date. 

A short 24 hours after I crossed the finish line in Boston we shipped our smelly race clothes in a box bound for Iowa and piled in the Pyfer's car (surrounded by our not-yet-dry laundry) and drove to New York City to board our flight. A highlight of the drive was teaching Bryan the art of using Robins Eggs candy as lipstick. 

I was a little worried about getting my visa in time as there was a mix up with payment when I submitted. Luckily, it came through, but really, considering my three traveling companions, I had no reason to worry. 

I was also concerned about sitting in a car for five hours immediately followed by a nine hour flight so soon after running a marathon. It ended up not being an issue at all for me. I should have been more concerned about the ability to fit my shoes on my feet again after being air-born! They have never been swollen like this before! Scariest foot picture I have ever taken. 

All in all, it was a smooth drive and flight and we landed without a hitch in Istanbul...

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