Tuesday, April 22, 2014

one day in Hanover just isn't enough

Right after we ran 26.2 miles and crossed the finish line, we walked a few more miles. 

Really, we did. 

The security was so tight near the finish we had to walk about a half mile past the finish line just to find a break in the rails and wrap around (waaaaaay around) to head back to our transportation...near Fenway Park. I think we walked close to three miles. And, although we were exhausted, it was probably the best thing we could have done. Because then we sat down and ate some giantly delicious burgers and then piled in Cat's car to sit some more while we drove a few hours back to beautiful New Hampshire. 

Initially we were planning to stay in Hanover for a few days after the race, but our plans changed when we decided to travel abroad instead, so we had about 8 hours to fit everything in. 

The highlight of my day should have been walking around Tuck or lunching at Lou's with some of my ladies or eating delicious Morano Gelato. And those really were high, high up on my list. But the highlight was probably seeing Ryan limp down the Pyfer's front steps. 

You guys, it was hilarious

A full flight of stairs just to get to the car. After the extra walking and a nice ice bath I wasn't even really sore at all by this point (my toes were pretty banged up...), but Ryan was another story. I have a video, but I'm smart enough to not post it. 

Really, though, we loved walking around Tuck again, chatting with the ever-adored Sally and fabulous Dean Slaughter and finding Ryan's famous portrait that resides in a classroom hallway (and I love that he just happened to be wearing the same shirt!). Lunch at Lou's with the Hawkins, Ashley and Candace (who left before our picture!!!) was perfect and Gelato with the Kolstes was the icing on the cake. Spring really is beautiful in New Hampshire and I'm so glad we were able to visit, even if it was for less than a day.  

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