Friday, June 22, 2007

4 month pics

Happy four months to Leah today...she is growing up right before our eyes and is more and more fun each day.

She has discovered her hands - more importantly, her fingers - and enjoys sucking on them very loudly. She loves "eating" her feet, playing peek-a-boo and giving kisses (okay, more like licks).

Her smiles, giggles and all-out laughs are contagious...and bring us more joy than we ever could have asked for.


The Wades said...

happy four months, miss leah!!

kb said...

i can't believe she is 4 months old now!! baby girl dave, you sure are getting cuter by the day! Love the animation she has now!

kb said...

i just can't get over how cute she is.. i keep looking at the blog.. i miss you all..

Uffens Family said...

HAPPY 4 MONTHS LEAH!! She gets more and more adorable everyday!!!and Mare...thanks for the jamba treat!