Sunday, June 3, 2007

it's a celebration!

So, for the past few months, ryan has been studying for the first of three C.F.A. exams in order to become what is called a Chartered Financial Analyst. Had we been smarter four months ago, we probably wouldn't have signed him up for this test with just weeks to go before Leah was born. I think he got the study materials the week she decided to come...and let's be honest...playing with leah is WAAAAAY more fun than studying for a financial examination.

Ryan took the test today - he was there from 8:00 am until about 5:30 pm! We are basically just glad it's over. He won't know the results of his test for a couple of months, but we decided to celebrate anyway. He wore his geriatric "it's go time" shirt today just for the test...then we decided to go to Sizzler for dinner...can you get anymore geriatric than that? I have never seen so many happy, smiling elderly people with walkers in my life. It was awesome. I also surprised him with a fresh strawberry pie from Marie Calender's (sorry, LaMar - we would have shared with you...we'll be sure to get one when you get home!). Congrats, Ryan.


kb said...

that's cool ryan.....
heheh kidding.. CONGRATS.. and what the trash is that shirt??

ryan, maren and leah said...

hehehe - funny that you called it 'trash' because he got it in alabama and we saw a plethora of white trash t-shirts there. honestly, this was the least white trash one there.