Friday, June 1, 2007

a fun little game

So my old roommate, whitney, did this little blog game and i thought it looked fun. You just google your name and then 'needs' (e.g. "maren needs") and see what comes up. The answers for my name weren't all that great - apparently 'maren' isn't the most common name in the world. But ryan's and leah's were hilarious. Here are my top five from the first ten listed of all of us, and leah's number one is by far my favorite...our little chunky monkey...

1. Ryan needs special care.
2. Ryan needs his butt (they used a less-kind word) kicked - this guy's a dirtbag!
3. Ryan needs to be supervised because he can be physically agressive with his peers.
4. Ryan needs a bra. (okay, so they were referring to Meg Ryan here...)
5. Ryan needs a cellmate.

1. Leah needs to shed the pounds and the sooner the better.
2. Leah needs lots of play - social time with other dogs.
3. Leah needs your help to win Miss Student 2006.
4. Leah needs her own talk show.
5. Leah needs more training before she becomes the big star that she is going to be.

1. Maren needs her hair washed and combed.
2. Maren needs to shut down the entire cell phone network of Chicago.
3. Maren needs a big sister.
4. ...they can't pick out exactly what Miss Maren needs.
5. Maren needs help with the chinchillas.


AJ said...

I thought these were pretty funny! I even put some for our names on our blog!

The Wades said...
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amanda & bryce said...

seriously, so funny! I'm so excited to post one tonight!!!

The Wades said...

seriously though, maren ... is it possible for you to not take a gorgeous picture?! my gosh! :)