Tuesday, May 29, 2007

God Bless America

For Memorial Day, Ryan, Leah and I went to the Golden Gate National Cemetery. We saw it about 2 months ago on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the neatest thing to see as you come around a bend in the freeway - just rows and rows of white headstones on rolling green hills.

It was neat to go yesterday as every single grave was lined with American flags. There were graves from people who had died in the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. I think there were also some newer ones as well.

The graves were etched with symbols for various religious affiliations such as crosses for Christians and Stars of David for Jewish people. We even saw a couple of headstones that had the Angel Moroni engraved on them! There were men and women, husbands, fathers, mothers, wives, sons, and daughters and there were people from all aspects of a war: soldiers, marines, naval officers, cooks, nurses, engineers, etc. Some had names; some didn't. Some had birth and death dates; some didn't. There were people from nearly every state too! It was strange to think that a lot of these people were just kids themselves - lots of them younger than us!! It was quite an amazing sight.

I kept trying to get pictures that could depict what we actually saw, but I couldn't get one I was happy with - you'll just have to see it for yourself! It made us very proud to live in this country and very grateful for so many men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today.

And yes, Ryan and Leah were twins. hahaha. Leah was dressed first and Ryan came out in a matching shirt and didn't even realize it. I thought it was cute.


kb said...

that's cool mare....
heheh it really is. Where is leah's sun hat? she'll fry outside! 6 days! wahoo!

ryan, maren and leah said...

We forgot her sunhat; so, as you can see from the other picture, we had a burp cloth over her head the whole time. she was sleeping, so she didn't even notice...but we only took it off for that last picture just as we were putting her back in larry.

ryan, maren and leah said...

okay, so i just looked at the other picture and now everyone is going to think i'm a delinquent mother because the burp cloth isn't covering her head - i took it off for the picture. you can see that i'm holding it in my right hand. promise we had her covered.

Aubrey and Dale said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time in California. Your little girl is so CUTE! We love that you have a blog and check it often to see what you guys are up to.

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

that's so cool. I have never been there before. Isn't Cali the greatest? I love it there. I just wish it weren't so dang expensive!

I love the "matchy-matchy green squares"!!

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

Maren!!! Hey, I had no idea you had a blog...I'll add you to our link! How did you find mine? Well anyway, glad you did...I love seeing your pictures and seeing what you've been up to. Leah is darling!
So I haven't really told many people I'm pregnant because I was going to wait to announce to everyone when I find out it's a boy or girl next month, but I'm due in November and we're super excited (even though it was kinda a surprise baby!). Anyway, great to hear from you! Call or email me with questions about Jamaica...we had an amazing time! Talk to you soon.

Aaron and Michelle said...

Hey Maren,
I just checked on my blog and I got my first comment from you! So fun. I actually hadn't told anyone about my site and Lisa came upon it. It is a fun way to keep in touch. Just so you know-I check your blog almost daily because you are so good at keeping it up-to-date! :) It always seems like you are doing something exciting. And little Leah is just adorable, especially in her matching outfit with Ryan!