Friday, May 4, 2007

sunday - church and family

Sunday was full of excitement. Kelli and Ed drove me and Leah to Provo to go to church at our old BYU ward. We had a great time seeing most of our old friends, but I'm sad we missed some of them.

Leah was also able to meet her future husband, Zachary Low...he's 6 weeks younger than Leah. Zachary's parents, Justin and Amelia, are our friends from Provo. Justin and Ryan served in the bishopric together, which made Amelia and I widows during sacrament meeting together. When we found out we were having a girl and they were having a boy, we arranged the marriage right then and there. Zach will have to grow a bit first to catch up to Leah, but boys usually bloom later than girls, right?
After church, we went to dinner at my cousin Rachel's house. Leah got to meet Rachel, Mike and Anna Uffens and Brittany and Lance Bergeson. (This is me and Leah, Rachel and Anna, Kelli, and Britty.)
Annie was the most interested in Leah and tried to maul her a few times. But, with intervention, we all came away unscathed. Annie was so cute with Leah and even held her hand by the end. Rachel was also kind enough to lend us tons of clothes that Annie has now grown out of. Leah basically has a new wardrobe - she is modeling a new outfit in this picture.

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