Friday, May 4, 2007

monday - shop 'til you drop

Monday was a day of shopping - only after I had a dental appointment and found out I had a cavity for the first time in YEARS! I was so upset. Richard fixed it right then, and since anesthetic doesn't work on my mouth, I felt quite a bit of it. I was then "numb" for the rest of the day and couldn't eat much, but at least it's fixed, right? We had a great time shopping and Leah was a trooper. She did have her biggest blowout ever...through her diaper, pants, shirt, and the blanket she was sitting on in her stroller. We changed her in a super posh restroom in Nordstrom and she was a much happier girl afterward. Later that night, Megan Johnson and her two little girls, Rachel and Bria, came over for a visit. This time it was Bria who was very interested in Leah, but no one was harmed.

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kb said...

that first picture is a fantastic smile by leah.. she's so cute!