Friday, May 4, 2007

friday - pomp and circumstance

Congratulations to Kelli and Ryan. Kelli received a BS degree in Exercise Science and Ryan received a BS degree in Business Management - Finance with a minor in Chinese Studies (we also found out from the program that he graduated Cum Laude!!). My mom, Richard, Scott, and Ed were also there to celebrate (and Ryan via a photograph). Leah slept right through it; well, through most of it. She slept on my mom's lap for most of the ceremony and I took her outside for the last little bit. I was able to see lots of friends from the Counseling and Career Center at BYU where I used to work and shop in the overly-crowded BYU Bookstore. We took lots of pictures and then ate at Goodwood BBQ in Orem. It was a fun day and I'm sure they are both so glad to be done. We are so proud of them!


kb said...

yeah for gradjiashun!

kb said...

i was DEFINATELY not cum laude.. nor anywhere close.. but i did end up above a 3.0!!! yeah!