Friday, May 4, 2007

thursday - surprise!!

Thursday was such a good day. I had almost blown the secret for Kelli 3 or 4 times, so I decided to not email or answer the phone on Wednesday or Thursday. We boarded the plane in San Jose at 8 am and arrived in Salt Lake around 4 pm. It was a looong day on the plane with connections in orange county and las vegas, but leah was an absolute angel (this is her stretching out on the plane seat during a layover). My mom picked us up and then we went home to get ready to surprise kelli. She moved home a few hours earlier than we initially expected, so it was a close call, but we still surprised her. We put Leah in the car seat in the corner of Kelli's room. When Kelli walked in, she said, "Mom, who's that?" It took her a few seconds, but once she realized it was Leah, the tears started coming. It was priceless.

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