Thursday, June 28, 2007

half moon bay

So, this is a bit overdue, but on Father's Day, we went to Half Moon Bay with our friends Julia and Jonathan Wade. We had a great time playing in the tide pools (Ryan and Jona turned into little boys looking at all of the creatures), watching the seals on the shore, eating our picnic lunch and hiking down to their "locals only" beach. Here are some pictures of our afternoon. It was a beautiful day!

(And the html to put the whole slideshow in isn't working, so a link will have to suffice!)
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a day at the beach...


megan said...

Cool do you do those?
Leah looks like she had fun. How close do you guys live to the beach? I hope you guys are still having fun there. I finally updated my blog...our camera broke so I was held up for awhile. So I'll be better now.

The Wades said...

that was sooo fun. love the slideshow.

Styler Family said...

Hey Maren,
We have never met, but I am a friend of Rachel's and found your blog thru her site; you and I emailed a few times before you guys moved down here also. Anyways, we just checked out Half Moon Bay ourselves and really liked it. If you think we are "local" enough, I would love to know where this beach is...we went somewhere similar, but the water in your pictures looks much more approachable and baby/toddler friendly. :) If we don't make the cut, no worries. Thanks, Melissa

ryan, maren and leah said...

hahaha - funny thing is i'm not sure if i know the way back there, but i'll ask my friends for directions. any friend of rach's makes the cut.