Friday, July 3, 2009

dad's day

we arrived in utah just in time to celebrate the big day with all of our dads. we started off at the cemetery {where we saw tons of deer} to have leah see my dad's grave for the first time. we noticed that, within a few steps of my dad's headstone, there were THREE leahs. maybe it was meant to be. :) ryan and leah spent the entire day at the layton's house celebrating not only dads, but also lamar's big #54. we finished the day off giving richard his funny card {that's all he wanted, folks}, but we don't have pictures of that. he did chuckle, though, so we succeeded.
happy belated dad's day to all the dads out there.

p.s. for those wanting to see leah in her new shirt dress, here ya go! i thought it very fitting that she should wear her dad's old shirt on his big day. Also, Ryan is sporting his brand new father's day tie. Fabric was picked out by Leah, tie was constructed by moi.

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ed and kelli said...

love it.. leah looks so stinkin cute in that dress.. i am going to mack some dresses for mack when i go to cali.. see if margie can help me.. i hope they turn out. happy dad's day rynit.