Monday, July 6, 2009

senior trip part deux

{brace yourselves, it's a loooong one.}

I know what you're thinking: "Ryan doesn't seem old enough to have graduated from high school 10 years ago!" And if you just look at the way he and his friends act when they're together, I would completely agree with you. But...the receding hairlines, increasing bellies and achy bodies after four days of physical activity would tell you otherwise. They are definitely getting old. Very, very old.

We had lots of fun playing in southern Utah with {most of} his close friends from high school - and their incredibly fun wives {where applicable}. Here's a quick recap:

We considered driving down in just a truck. Yes, five of us all crammed into a truck. Dani made the clutch decision to take Max, and for that, I am grateful. Dani and I drove together while the boys stunk up the truck together. We called them so we could visit the big chair in Beaver. They thought the big chair in Beaver meant Arby's. "Ryan, you can always assume I don't want Arby's for lunch." Ah, well. At least they have good curly fries.
We were greeted at the condo {amazing, by the way} with an awful stench that we finally figured out was coming from the sink. Once that was figured out, we were off to Costco to get some amazing fruit leathers {I'm so glad someone thought of that} and Old Navy {the first of many trips}. Dani and I wanted to get something matching. We ended up with these two purchases, among others. I don't really want to talk about the first one. Oh, except that they purchased those in the little boy's department. The boys don't really want to talk about the second one. We've even.
The rest of the day was spent surviving the squelching 110 degree St. George heat and checking out the condo amenities. Oh, and eating at Cafe Rio. I miss that place!

Day #2:
We headed to Zion, where I have never been before. I know, I lived in Utah for 26 years. I also only skiied once {and I hated it - gasp, gasp!}, and I've never been to the other major parks either. Or Lake Powell. Now, let's get on with it.

Zion was AMAZING! We hiked Emerald Lakes (not very lakey this summer?), but pretty nonetheless. And then we hiked the narrows. Scary. Wet. Cold. So worth it. We cut the narrows hike a little short because of some impending rain clouds/wind, but not before Ryan and Chris dove in to swim and then immediately screamed like ninnies on their way out.
Yummy pizza for dinner where Ryan tried to shoot his crushed up ice across the table. It worked.Day #3:
We headed to Sand Hollow Reservoir for a day at the beach with wave runners. I had also never been on a wave runner. I decided I like being a passenger on the wave runner when someone is being pulled on the tube OR I like to drive them. That's it. Nothing too crazy. But, it was a lot of fun. Favorite quote: "Hey Dani, do you want to come on the wave runners?" Dani: "Well, I do have to pee."
Later enjoyed yummy iceberg shakes. I'm not sharing next time, Ryan.Day #4:
Back to Zion. This time with Ben, Eva, Dale and Aubrey to hike Angel's Landing. We had fun running up Walter's Wiggles and hiking across death-defying trails holding onto only a chain. But the view was incredible. If you are deathly afraid of heights, I do NOT suggest this specific trail (although, you can still get a great view stopping just before the narrow/steep part). Otherwise, it's a must.
After a much-disappointing dinner {or lack thereof} at Chili's, we also went to see a show at Tuacahn. I'd never been there either, but I guess that's not as rare? We saw Footloose, which was really fun. But, just remember: If it's 100+ degrees during the day, you probably won't need to wear jeans and a jacket to stay warm that night.
Sunday we lazed around, Ryan won the raquetball tournament, we ate a yummy breakfast {they actually brought us our food!}, we packed up and drove home. Little bean was sure excited to see us and it was great to squeeze her again. The trip was jam-packed full of great times. Over a period of 10 days, Ryan and I drove approximately 2589 miles just to see these guys. It was worth it...and we can't wait for the 15 year trip...somewhere a little more exotic??


ed and kelli said...

1. i wanna know what the other matching items were... and ps boys , those shirts are nasty.

2. love the emerald lake jumping picture.

3. please tell me that is you looking like a fool in the red jacket in the picture where dani is up front... nice.

4. you are beautiful. for a perfect example of that, refer to the last picture.

ps. ryan, you and your friends are crazy.. but looks like you have great fun together!

chrisbrems said...

Dearest Kelli, WHATEVER, those shirts are hot!

I feel like such an adult after acting like high school kids again. Sad.

Fruit Leathers??? Whoever thought of that was brilliant.

2,500 miles? Wouldn't it just be easier to move a little closer? hint, hint.

dani said...

A few things Maren.

I dedicate this comment to the lifeguard.

What. is more exotic than southern utah? I don't think such a place exists.

2589 miles?? that is just sad. Glad Max could help (a little).

LOVE your shorts!

Auger Family said...

Hey! I need to add you to my blog list! Looks like you guys had a blast! :) I will tell Tys you welcomed him home!