Wednesday, July 1, 2009


so for father's day i was planning to get ryan a bike rack for our car. i got him a mini toy "bike" that i found at a local japanese dollar store. similar to this one: i ended up not getting him a bike rack, but the toy bike purchase was well worth it simply for the sheer enjoyment of what was written on the box. I just love how things are translated. And the way I hear it is in Ryan's perfect Chinese-accented-English. If you've never been privvy to hear this, just pray you'll get the chance one day. Pure entertainment.

Here are some samplings from the box:

"Some of the parts are separable."
"Some of the parts are moving."
"Do not throw to person, use gently to avoid hurt or break."
"Do not play risky places, on the road, cloud places, stairs, narrow paths." (this is a 2" toy bike we're talkin' about here)
"Keep on eyes on the children not to swallow. Make safe from the suffocation."
The front of the box says to keep away from children under 3 years, but the back says, "Child fewer than 4 years old directly disable." (the toy or my child?)

For similar entertainment, visit

And utah/10 year graduation trip posts are coming. The pictures are on Ryan's computer and he took it to work before I remembered to switch them over. :)


Julia said...

k, this is such a throw back to china, it's ridiculous. yes, people. ryan's chinese english accent is hilarious.

let us not forget these beauties either:

miss you guys. excited to come out this month.

ed and kelli said...

hahah i am crying i am laughing so hard... reminds me of the night he asked mom and richard if he could marry you adn we went to asian star.. "a tasty beef". that is awesome.

Molly said...

Funny! I love stuff like that. Christian and I had a blast reading people's shirts in Brazil. We regret not writing down all the ridiculous sayings.