Sunday, July 5, 2009

leah belongs in a zoo

Not because she loves the zoo, but because she's an animal. A mean one. Ryan and I thought, being the nice, wonderful parents we are, we should take Leah to Hogle Zoo when we were in Salt Lake. Kids like the zoo, right? Kids like animals. Well, all the kids there except Leah did. She was a terror. Really. See for yourself:So we tried to feed her to a lion.The lion didn't want her either.

She had a moment of sanity eating goldfish while dad wandered off on his own.Then she was back to her normal shenanigans. She did not measure up to the gorilla. He was much better behaved.
Speaking of measuring up, I've always known (thanks to a piano teacher who shall not be named...cough, cough, Shar, cough, cough) I have small hands. "Can you believe THESE small hands reach an entire octave!?" But, I thought I'd make sure just in case. I think this gorilla could probably reach a few octaves.
She did like the train. Loved it, actually. And the second she stepped off, she was her normal {sweet?} self. Just another day with the Laytons. Good thing that little girl is cute...

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ed and kelli said...

hey we are very much alike.. i have those camo capris. anyway, sorry bean was a pill.. but tell her to read that polite book i gave her.. maybe it'll help:)