Sunday, July 5, 2009

temples, temples, temples

monday we had tickets to go through the new oquirrh mountain temple as a family. the last temple open house i went to was jordan 1981. ryan went there too and i'm sure i met him when he was a strapping eight month old and i just a mere three weeks. :) we figured it was a good opportunity for leah to go through a temple, since there aren't many being built where we are.

we are now assured it was NOT a good idea. the only part she liked was the stairs. sigh.

earlier that day, we found ourselves in draper, so we decided to see the new draper temple...and later that night, we went downtown for dinner and walked around temple square. a day full of temples.

and, because i promised: nate and brittany made it onto our blog. hip hip hooray for more girls in the family!!

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