Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sweatin' for sammy

well, samantha has made some great progress in the past year {hooray!} and has the opportunity to participate in an intensive physical therapy program this fall that will help her make even more progress. the only problem is, three weeks of this intensive physical therapy will cost her family $6,000. so....

if you're in the area on 
saturday, may 21st, 
head on over to almaden quicksilver county park for 
a 5k just for her

there will be prizes, food and t-shirts...and you'll even get to meet sweet little sammy herself {and her fantastic parents and adorable little sister}. i'm more than bummed that i won't be in town to participate in this event. really, so, so sad. but i wanted to share the love and send along any friends who might be. so go! take a picture for me. and give miss samantha a big hug from me. 

if you'd like more information, read about samantha here or here. register for sweatin' for sammy here.


Molly said...

Bummer I won't be in town that day. BUT I went to the registration page and you can donate $25 even if you can't be at the event. Add that to your blog post! I donated. :) Go Sammy!

Jenny said...

(gasp) Maren, you are so awesome. Thanks for the plug. And Thank you. Can't believe it's coming up so soon. ahhh:)