Sunday, May 1, 2011

a quiet family stroll

thanks for all the team leah bean love! still a few things left in the shop, but overall a huge success! thanks to all those who helped me write a check for $69 to the international rett syndrome foundation

we took a nice quiet stroll through stanford campus this weekend. it started off nice. really, it did. the campus is beautiful and the weather was definitely cooperating. 

she, however, was not. 

fruit snacks almost did the trick. 

but not quite. 

hair was pulled. 

tears were shed. 
but we had a heart to heart. {yes, i know it's time for a hair appointment.}

and enjoyed our lovely stroll back to the car with smiles on our faces.
maybe next time.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Well...girls are fickle fickle princesses you know. I believe the day turned out all right, and you guys handled it like a champ.

Amanda said...

Those were just the most cutest pictures I've seen of a fussy girl in so long! Thank you for sharing your beautiful princess with us :)

Karen Hauley said...

I plan to take bean on an outing in a couple of weeks . . . hopefully there will be smiles.

Eve said...

Those are precious pictures. I dont know why but i think little girls look so cute when they are crying. Seriously!