Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3,200 mile drive: chicago to cleveland

wednesday morning we woke to a wonderful non-fast-food breakfast. leah was pleased to find that the two little girls whose house she woke up in love cartoons just as much as she does. it was such a sweet experience to wake up to another little girl with rett syndrome and see how her family {and her sibling} rallied around her. after breakfast we all got ready and headed to the windy city for a whirlwind morning of highlights.

our time was short. first stop? cloud gate, better known as "the bean." i know. how could we not take our bean to the bean. it was a must see. and didn't disappoint. it's quite unique and viewing my changing, distorted reflection was a lot of fun!

second stop was just around the corner at crown fountain - two 50-foot glass towers spewing water into a giant splash pad. it was a hot, hot, hot {and humid} day and the water was very refreshing.

our final sightseeing stop was the skydeck of the willis tower {formerly known as the sears tower}. c and e had to slip out early, so they weren't able to join us, which was a bummer. but, we had an extremely clear day which resulted in an amazing view.
we even stepped out onto the ledge, standing 1,353 feet in the air. i didn't think i'd be scared, but i have to admit, that first look down actually took my breath away -- i audibly gasped. leah thought it was great and just made herself at home. i could use a bit of her fearlessness in my life. 

we ate deep dish pizza at a local pizzera and then headed on our way, arriving in cleveland later that night.

day three was much more relaxing with more to see and do and a lot less sitting and driving, which was a welcome change.


ed and kelli said...

mack is happy looking at this, seeing that Super Why is playing on tv:)

Rob and Marseille said...

wow what great pictures! seeing those pics make me want to go to chicago- a first time desire

brittani c. said...

Part of me is relieved that the see-through floor was not built yet when I visited the "formerly known as the Sears tower." And then part of me is fascinated what it'd be like...similar to the plans being made for one over the Grand Canyon. Yikes!

Michelle said...

I love that Leah just sat down on that clear floor. dang! that's scary! fun pics!