Saturday, August 13, 2011

roughing it in vermont

the weekend after we arrived, we had the opportunity to go camping in south royalton/sharon, vermont with our church. ryan and i jumped at the chance to flee from boxes and piles and unorganization and head into the beautiful wilderness. the evening weather was perfect and it was wonderful to meet lots of new people. leah made a few frienemies. the kids seem to like her, but are unsure of her unique way of saying hello. i guess they don't like their faces being smacked or their hair caught up in nimble fingers? who knew. luckily children have forgiving hearts and most have forgotten the pain. 
after dinner we put leah to bed in our tent and we chatted the night away with some wonderful new people. all three of us slept like professionals all bundled in a row.
we woke in the morning to a misty wonderland. it was so quiet and serene - a beautiful sight. {thanks to brittani for the pictures! my point and shoot just wasn't doing the scene justice.} we will definitely be going back again.


t.t.turner said...

Those photos are breathtaking!

Rebecca Parker said...

those are cool church history sites en route? Thought that was JSJr's birthplace?! Just like on O Bro Where Art Thou? You're like Dapper Dan-2 hrs away from everything in NE @ least:)