Sunday, August 14, 2011

applesauce galore

less than a week after we got here, a woman in our church congregation mentioned she had two apple trees that were overflowing. the apples were ready to be picked and would go bad too soon for her to use them all. so i, along with three lovely ladies, volunteered to help her pick and use her bounty. we spent a fabulous morning on her beautiful property picking tart lodi apples with our kids. 

okay, so the mom's picked...
while the kids ate.
two days later, we gathered in my little kitchen to make and can 16 pints, 10 quarts - and then some - of fresh, warm, delicious applesauce. if you had asked me a week before what i thought i might be doing a week after i moved in, the answer probably would not have been canning.

it was my second time making applesauce and i have to say, this little beauty saved the day. i considered buying one until i chatted with my mom on the phone that night. she just happened to be getting rid of hers. it's now in the mail on its way to my house. i know. she's the best. 
we gave a few jars away, but have been enjoying most of the goodness on our own. i can't wait to open one in the middle of march when snow is on the ground and nothing fresh is to be found. yum.


Karen Hauley said...

Snow on the ground . . . that's right, you'll have snow on the ground. :) And to clarify, I was only getting rid of the wonderful victorio strainer because we have 2 of them. I only need one so I'm happy to share with you as I know you'll use it. I hope it doesn't get lost in the mail. Your applesauce looks delicious!

Rob and Marseille said...

do you cook the apples before you put it through the strainer? yay for homemade applesauce! we have an apple tree & love it!

Amelia said...

What is that contraption??

mj said...

it's a victorio strainer - or maybe it was a back to basics brand. either way...a fruit/vegetable strainer. we quartered and cooked the apples and then put them in the top, cranked and it separates the good stuff from the core/peel (they go out a different hole). it was awesome.