Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3,200 mile drive: salt lake city to kearney

day one of our six day trek took us from salt lake city, utah to kearney, nebraska. we said our goodbyes to family on sunday knowing we would be up much too early for them monday morning. we quietly {or so i hope} loaded our car and our sleepy leah and we were off. 

wyoming isn't very interesting. 

neither is nebraska. 

the most interesting things we saw were the rest stops. lots of sanitary corners for miss ribbons to back into. 
so we drove and drove and drove until we made it halfway through the state and stopped at a ramada where ryan stopped on his way to alabama five summers ago. he promised us the most amazing pool we had ever seen. it wasn't amazing. but it was a pool. and it felt nice after 12+ hours in the car. plus, who can resist a leah all wrapped up in a towel after a nice evening swim? 

we ate some dinner, washed up and had no trouble falling asleep.

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