Sunday, July 31, 2011

family pictures

knowing we most likely won't be back in utah for a few years, we took the opportunity to get together for a quick weekend. k and e came up from arizona and d and h from southern california. we figured if we were all together, we had to document it somehow. and so you have the kinnersley-heavy part of the kinnersley-hauley clan.

this is as good as it gets, folks. it was 7 in the morning. 
recreating a picture from 1994. except we were wearing only denim in that one. nice. 
the originals. nice dan. he's just recreating the face he pulled in all of our family portraits.
siblings. kelli is wondering why she was ever born into our family. 
ah, that's better. she decided to join the ranks and show her true self just like the rest of us.
 a leah sandwich. 
the newest additions. 
apparently there was something more interesting than a camera to look at if you were under the age of 50. 
and you can't have a kinnersley family shoot without one of these. 
the end.


Shannon said...

beautiful family, maren. and I see the funny face ability runs in the fam :). Love that.

ed and kelli said...

love. but since when does my hair look like poo in utah? why did i agree to relive 1994.. i didn't have boobs then to make the pose SUPER awkward.. and ps. what is dan's face in that one? my favorite is the leah sandwhich:)

i need these!

Amelia said...

So cute!! Kara saw this and says "Ah! that's crazy!" your last picture. "That funny!" :) I love your colors and outfits. where'd you get leah's dress? Cute cute...