Wednesday, July 20, 2011

we flew!

for ryan's birthday, i gave him a pass to go indoor skydiving at a place near our house. with our impending deadline, we knew we needed to use them quick and july seemed like the perfect time since he was already done working. so...we flew!

we flew in super sexy suits. 

and super sexy shoes. the website only said close-toed, but apparently my toms wouldn't suffice, so i was lucky enough to borrow some lovely tennis shoes from under their counter. almost as good as bowling. yum. 

no pictures of us actually flying because they showed us a picture of what would happen to eye glasses if your goggles weren't perfectly sealed. we opted to not have our camera explode all over the wind tunnel. 
after a quick orientation about proper body positioning, we were off! it was a lot different than i thought it would be, but felt a little like this:
it was lots of fun! plus, i got to check one more thing off my things-to-do-before-i-turn-30 list. phew!

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carolee said...

Bryce and I have got to try this! Glad you had so much fun!!