Monday, July 18, 2011

sugar bugs

since my step dad retired last fall, we really needed to find a new dentist. i taught piano lessons to a darling little girl whose dad is a dentist and came highly recommended from lots of our friends. so our choice was simple. 

we all had check ups and cleanings and we love dr. chiu! 
i'm pretty sure leah can't say that she loves the hygienist who cleaned the "sugar bugs" off her teeth, but it was nothing personal. that was one patient hygienist!

luckily, miss ribbons still got to pick a toy out of the prize drawer. AND she got ariel and cinderella toothbrushes. once the appointment was over and the hygienist out of sight, she was one happy little girl!

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The MacDonald Family said...

I honestly can't stand how adorable she is, her sweet little outfits and matching arm braces - Love that little miss Leah!!! And pst - sweet Leah - I can't stand the hygentist either. :)