Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a project a day keeps the psychosis at bay

i think i like moving across the country more than moving across town when it comes to organizing and dejunking. i've been a lot more thorough this time because i don't want to pay for space in a moving van for things i don't want or need. 

but, that organizing and dejunking takes a lot of time. and energy. and i don't seem to have much of either these days. 

so...i've tried to have a project a day {today is blogging, if you're wondering...}. and it has worked! files, medical/school records, pictures, clothes, crafts, leah-related items, bathroom, kitchen, piano music, etc. are just some of my projects. and, although you wouldn't think it from the state of my house, it's a lot more organized and ready for us to pack up and go!

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Jessica M said...

Yes, a project a day. I need to adopt that philosophy in my pantry organization approach, I'm drowning.

Looks like y'all will be much missed when you leave California! My mom liked to say that "friends are the family we make for ourselves" and it's true. We couldn't live without 'em.