Wednesday, July 27, 2011


meet jeff, sarah and family:

jeff is my cousin by birth. sarah is my cousin by choice. juuuuuuuuuust kidding. in all honesty, jeff and his brothers were NOT my favorite people growing up. they were older and bigger and simply mean. but jeff happened to grow up and meet a beautiful and wonderful girl who whipped him right into shape. and then just 6 months after ryan and i moved to california, jeff and sarah moved to california - with their first son jack, who was born just 20 minutes after leah. 

it was so nice to have family so close and even nicer that we had our little twins to tote around. we've spent a lot of time with j and s throughout the past 4.5 years. farmer's markets, sunday dinners, park dates, you name it. but somehow we never ever went on a date together. we babysat for the other couple to go on a date, but never went out together, just the four of us. 

we all decided this was ridiculous, so the night before we moved, we finally did it. the restaurant of choice was blowfish - a local sushi bar and sarah's fav. ryan also loves sushi and i'm willing to try. sweet {and restless} lauren joined us for the evening and we all had a great time! there may or may not have been some quarreling between j and s about which sushi to share and we may or may not have stopped by pinkberry {another of sarah's favs} afterward even though we were stuffed to the hilt with raw fish. but we had a great time. 

and we realized we really should have done it more often.

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