Wednesday, July 27, 2011


our last couple of weeks in california were jam-packed. we returned from our family cabin in the wee hours of sunday morning july 10th and we went non stop for the next 16 days. we crammed a lot of people and a lot of things into every hour, but i loved every second of our time. just for memory's sake, here's most of what we did:

sunday, july 10: piano duet in church with lindsay bauman
monday, july 11: leah school, dinner at the baumans
tuesday, july 12: leah school, leah immunizations, maren last bunco
{back: lindsay d., elaine, afton, kristen, whitney, lindsey h., meaghan, jessica, front: maren, tierny, ?, kim}
wednesday, july 13: leah school, santa cruz beach boardwalk
thursday, july 14: leah school, haircuts, farmer's market, last yw activity
{lauren, sarah, madeleine, elizabeth, max, michelle, maddie, maren, grace}
friday, july 15: leah school, great escape with lindsey and kristen, harry potter 7
saturday, july 16: great escape with lindsey and kristen, dinner with the mcphies, surprise party
sunday, july 17: sing in quartet in church, last lesson to the young women, farewell for the katz family
monday, july 18: leah school, dental exams, dinner at wheatley's house
tuesday, july 19: last run with jaimi, dental cleanings, dinner at crepevine with yw leaders, anne of green gables the continuing story movie night {gilbert blythe - sigh} i didn't get pictures of anything this day is beyond me!
wednesday, july 20: ryan dental appointment, ifly, dinner with rett moms
thursday, july 21: ryan and leah dental cleanings, last farmer's market
{jaimi, sarah, leah, maren and tawni - the original farmer's marketers}
friday, july 22: claire and chloe come to visit leah, pack pack pack!
 {leah and crazy chloe}
{leah sweet claire}
saturday, july 23: last run with sarah {8 miles!}, pack!
sunday, july 24: last day at los altos ward
monday, july 25: pods delivered and packed, pick up moving truck, dinner at harman's house
 {sarah's 'smile' - my favorite}
{truck driver leah}
tuesday, july 26: continue packing pods, continue packing truck, dinner at blowfish
{the pods all packed}
wednesday, july 27: donuts and juice with friends, on our way...
{leah and sarah saying goodbye}
i was one tired girl. happy, but tired.


Heather said...

You have so many cute tops, where do you love to shop the most? I love the grey shirt you are wearing with the fun detail sleeves and the stripped t-shirt. I think it is a navy blue. The one you wore to the dinner. Looks like you have been a busy girl! Busy having FUN!

Matt and Lindsay Bauman said...

Crazy busy! We miss you guys and so happy we could be apart of your last few days in California. Hope you are doing well. Bailey misses Leah so much. Those two had such a cute relationship. I'm sure she has made a lot of new friends. Miss you guys!

Colleen said...

I don't like having our picture in the lasts post, it reminds me too much of how I sobbed leaving that day. Guess I just need to start planning my first trip back to see you :-)