Saturday, July 2, 2011

duff & phelps

ryan's last day of work was friday, july 1st. his 4.5 years at duff & phelps have been a great experience overall. they treated him well and he feels he got a great base understanding for finance and business. we have absolutely no regrets, but ryan felt it time to move on, so move on we will. here he is on his first and last days {he loves that i make him take these pictures}. doesn't he look smarter?

he moved from analyst to senior associate to his current position as a vice president. he traveled to chicago, new york, seattle, provo, china and norway {did i miss anywhere?}

he had many late nights and a few early mornings. lots of softball and basketball games. incredible amounts of eating out {he weighs a little more than he did when he first started...good thing for that bike}. and lots of great friends. we were also able to see a softer side of some of the management as they have been more than generous and incredibly understanding with leah's diagnosis and ryan's most important role as her dad.

leah and i picked him up from work on thursday and friday where leah rode the elevators {her favorite} for the last time. we have assured her there will be elevators in new hampshire. 

we said goodbye to dad's office that was more full of binder clips than even i thought. 


we said goodbye to rosa - our friend that we saw EVERY morning at 8:55 on our way into the parking lot. ryan and i have made up stories about her life - where she's going, what she's doing, etc. we will definitely miss her.

so long d&p, aka dunder mifflin. we won't miss getting confused with that.


ed and kelli said...

ryan looks like a baby on his first day! {and by baby i mean like he's still in high school} cute picture of leah giving him kisses! fun to have a month and a half of vacation:)

Britta said...

Maren, I am a friend of Lindsay Dockter's who has just moved to the Dartmouth area. She's told me all about you...I'm excited to (hopefully) meet you. When are you coming out here? Do you have help moving in? It's always overwhelming settling into a new area, so please let me know! britta_wood (at) hotmail (dot) com.

p.s. you're related to the Shaws?!? Rach is one of my favorite people.