Saturday, July 2, 2011

two weeks of summer

as leah's last day of school approached, i realized that between family vacations, girl's camp, summer school and moving, we would only have ten free days of summer. TEN! that's kind of ridiculous for a four year old, but i decided to make the most of them and promised her that we would do at least one fun thing each of those ten days. 

and so, without further ado, our two weeks of summer...

monday, june 13 - happy hollow

tuesday, june 14 - berry picking at gizdich ranch

wednesday, june 15 - park with the mcphies. i still cannot get over how handsome those two little boys are. 

thursday, june 16 - swimming in matchy matchy swimsuits

friday, june 17 - more swimming {and noting our need for fresh toenail polish}

monday, june 27 - saying goodbye {if you consider that fun - there was good food and there were lots of babies...}

tuesday, june 28 - shopping {target makes leah just as happy as it makes me!}, cookie making #44 and dancing in the rain because i locked us out of the car {again}

wednesday, june 29 - fun plans got cancelled, so we did fun things at home like dance parties and cleaning the kitchen floor

thursday, june 30 - happy hollow again and chilling at the verizon store for two hours.

friday, july 1 - riding the elevators at dad's work {picture is from the 30th, but i promise we did it the next day too!}

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