Thursday, July 14, 2011


after much begging on my part and protesting on ryan's, he {not so} graciously accompanied leah to an appointment for her final three immunizations. i completely forgot that i only had her get half of them at her four year check up a few months ago and it was one of the many things on our list of things to do before we left. 

and...since ryan is currently unemployed, his schedule was wide open. when is that ever going to happen again? 

i promised him leah would be a champ and he finally agreed.

a champ she was. he said she didn't make a peep at all and giggled in the waiting room while they spent a few minutes determining if she was allergic or not. 

then off to mcdonalds for a hot fudge sundae they went. 

see ryan, immunizations aren't all that bad. you'll go next time too, right?

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