Saturday, July 16, 2011

great escape take 3

words can't describe the way i feel about these two guardian angels in my life. the third installment of our annual trip almost didn't happen, but kristen convinced david to push their own move back a few days so we could all go. it was a quick trip to monterey spent poolside, shopping, pedicuring and eating. and it was fabulous. 
we nearly didn't have room in the back for our luggage and our new goodies.

we rented a surrey and cruised up and down the beachfront. 
we went to see the final harry potter movie {which, by the way, i was so excited for. lindsey and kristen were too but after we purchased tickets i found out kristen has never read the books?? and the last movie she saw was the first one! i filled in a few blanks for her.}
a wonderful 36 hours spent with two of the most wonderful women on the planet. can't wait for next year. 
p.s. a note to my future self: remember to not wear skinny jeans when getting a pedicure. it will be nearly impossible to get your pants up over you calves and even more impossible {requiring the help of two good friends} to get those pants back down over your calves.

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