Thursday, July 21, 2011

rett moms and dinner

i was lucky enough to have five wonderful women drive well over an hour to meet me in san jose for one "last" get together before i left. these women - four of them moms to girls with rett syndrome and one of them a doctor for the clinic we attended - are some of the most incredible women i've ever had the pleasure of meeting - in not so pleasant circumstances. they have lifted me, cried with me, laughed with me, understood me, taught me and inspired me. they are some of the reasons i knew i could get up and get dressed in the morning. and they are the ones who helped me to see all the potential that miss ribbons truly has. and for that, i will be forever grateful. 
{paige, colleen, dr. jones {aka fairy mary}, zenaida, erica, maren}

after a looooooooooooooong wait and a fire alarm, we had a delicious meal at pizza antica and colleen even dressed up!! erica and i have taught her well. 
{erica - my twin and first "rett" friend}
i left with my arms full of gifts - including, but not limited to - an amazing rett syndrome binder for organization {and sanity!}, scarves, blankets and winter socks. these are also the women who will be laughing at me next march when i'm up to my eyeballs in slush and snow and they are swimming. at least now i'll be prepared.


The MacDonald Family said...

This is just awesome in so many ways! I know some of these amazing women and couldn't imagine leaving them but Maren you are so equally amazing I know you will soon find a wonderful group!

Erica said...

know whats weird? I was going to text you today to ask you to send me these pics! i love this post. love you and am so proud of you. you're the bomb. for real. xxoo

Amy said...

You have the greatest friends! It's no surprise really. :) And I can't believe it, but I just bought that shirt at the Gap. Somehow we always have the same clothes!

Zenaida said...

Thank you for this post! It was an honor to meet you! I had a great time every time I got to spend sometime with you! What a fun night! It was sad to see you go but also very nice to be able to say good bye in person


Michelle said...

This post just made me cry. what sweet friends.