Friday, July 29, 2011

the game to end all games

one of our first stops in utah was to settle the score of an infamous basketball game from 12 years ago. i've heard the story many times. the details are the same no matter who tells it. it's the ending of the story that is highly debated. 

what we know:
ryan and his friends were in high school
they played basketball after school every day for hours
on this particular day, it was ryan and chris {good} vs. bryce and reed {evil}

what we don't know:
who really won.

good says good won. evil says evil won. i wasn't there, so i'll never know. 
{chris, bryce, ryan, reed and ben - the alternate}
so, after 12+ years, they decided to settle the feud. first order of business was to eat a huge dinner at the training table. check. 

second order of business? lace up their ankle braces {they are 30, remember}. check. 
third order of business: lay out the ground rules. three games. first team to seven points wins. 

they played hard. 

first game? good wins!
second game? evil!
third game? um, they were too tired. 
and it was bedtime for the kids. they played hard too, you know.
and so it continues. i'm sure i'll have an update for you by 2021.

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