Monday, September 10, 2012

LAST first day of school

Today was Ryan's last first day of school. 


Or, at least, it better be. I told him I'm getting a second degree before he gets another. And when I reminded him it was his last first, he did this:
So I'm pretty sure it's his last.

He was definitely ready for school to start after a summer away, criss-crossing the globe. His hair is cut, his binders are purchased and his hockey skates are laced. We've been getting his course books in the mail for a few days now. Thrilling titles like "Optimization Modeling With Spreadsheets" and "The Heart and Mind of the Negotiator" will grace our kitchen table all semester. Lucky Ryan. 

Tuck has been good to us. It's already gone even faster than everyone said it would and we're both trying to soak in everything we can as we come up on our final ten months in the Upper Valley. Although we're both looking forward to a paycheck in the near future, this experience is something we would never change. 

Knock 'em dead, Mr. Layton. {I'm calling him Mr. for as long as I can - in ten months I know he'll insist I call him Master.}

p.s. When I asked him if he would answer some questions for me, he replied, "Yes, no, a, d, 7, 32." It's a good thing they don't give out letter grades in MBA school.


Marcy said...

I love that you did that top picture with the questions for him. Totally adorable. =)

Michelle said...

i love love love this post

Colleen said...

It feels like yesterday that we were driving somewhere and you were telling me how stressed Ryan was as he waited for the acceptance letters. I can't believe it's only another 10 months and you will be done. You guys are great, so much love for the Layton family and their super cool books (Jared's secretly jealous) xx

Tiffany Toronto said...

I am pretty impressed that Ryan let you take pics of him. Jesse wanted NOTHING to do with it. Party pooper I tell you