Friday, September 21, 2012

that's what a New Hampshire summer is made of

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the smells of apples and pumpkin are wafting through the air. There is no question it is fall. With the change of seasons, comes a reflection on my summer – my first and last in New Hampshire. And boy was it one to remember. Though I wish we could have gallivanted across the globe with Ryan, my summer here in the Upper Valley was one I hope to never forget.  

It’s roadside foliage bursting with green.
Sunsets in colors I have never in my life seen.
It’s heat and humidity not experienced before.
Huge drops of sweat coming out of every pore.

It’s canoeing the Connecticut on a warm, calm day.
Climbing down and around the Quechee Gorge to play.
It’s various parks with friends every week.
And ice cream and popsicles smeared across our cheeks.

It’s rain showers that pour down without any warning.
And sleeping in on days there’s no summer school in the morning.
It’s heading to the local theater for a Friday movie matinee.
And impromptu block sprinkler parties each day.

It’s North Hartland Lake to go sunbathe and splash.
Paying for buckets of blueberries with a pocketful of cash.
It’s delayed fireworks and the Fourth spent with neighbors and friends.
Flowers growing wild on the side of the road without end.

It’s two giggly girls on the grass at the town green.
BBQs and potlucks, licking our plates clean.
It’s the fresh bakery smells of King Arthur Flour.
Just soaking it all in on my front porch, every hour.

It’s sandals and flip flops and running free every day.
It’s swimsuits and sunscreen so in the sun we can play.
It’s so, so much more that I will always love.
That’s what a New Hampshire summer is made of. 

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Shellie said...

What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts. I LOVED your poem - it totally made me homesick for the Upper Valley! How is kindergarten going for Leah? How is the Lebanon ward? Kate looks so adorable and I wish I could just give her a squeeze :). Miss you. Take care - Shellie
PS - when you have a minute, could you email me with that little car roll idea for Derek? I'm trying to think of homemade gift ideas for him. Thanks!