Friday, September 21, 2012

taking out the trash

As I as looking through all my pictures from the summer, I had to chuckle when I came across this one. 

Honestly, this picture perfectly depicts what I thought was the hardest part of my summer, logistically, which is why I took a picture of it. With two small girls who couldn't be left alone and a trash receptacle a five minute walk away, taking the trash out was seriously something I had to plan! I usually strapped Kate in the Bjorn and buckled Leah in the stroller, put the trash in the back seat and off we went. Sometimes I planned ahead and could take the trash to the dumpster when Leah was at school. Sometimes I could do it when one of them was napping {gasp!}. 

I had to take it often enough that the fruit flies didn't congregate {so gross, and yet unavoidable, really}, but not so often that I was spending 10% of all my days walking to the dumpster. 

I got to the point where I didn't really think about it much, but "take the trash out" was truly on my to-do list as something I had to schedule into my day because it took a good 15-20 minutes minimum. 

Since Ryan has been home, we've both taken turns walking the trash to the community bin, but each time I do it {by myself, in about 5 minutes}, I just smile.


Molly said...

Oh man. I would never take it out. I hate taking ours out and the trash bin is RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR. Lazy. I know.

Jamaal Mccune said...

Well, I think it’s good practice that you’re consciously throwing your trash in the right place. But if there were a garbage collector in your place, you probably won’t have a hard time taking out the trash every day. You just need to have a larger trash bin so that your weekly trash will fit in there because, sometimes, garbage collectors only collect trash on a weekly basis. Although, if you look at it more closely, you can probably make use of the walk to the dumpster as a form of exercise somehow.