Wednesday, November 13, 2013

activity day girls

My responsibility at church right now is a co-leader of the "activity day girls" - girls ages 8-11 in the primary program. Twice a month, we get together to work on projects, goals and activities of a wide variety. These girls are hilarious and fun and smart and kind and talented and so full of energy

We had a recognition night for them tonight to present them with charms that correspond with various goals they have been working on. The girls pretty much ran the show and did an amazing job - they did all the musical numbers, prayers, and talks (including one girl who forgot she was giving a talk and gave one on the fly!). Then of course we ended the night with some delicious desserts. 

There are nine girls right now and by next November, enough girls are turning 8 that we will nearly double in size. Wish me luck! I love these girls and feel so blessed to spend time with them a few times each month!

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